Medical technology

Body Reducing Innovative Design Groundbreaking Ergonomic

B.R.I.D.G.E can be used in all form of injuries of upper extremities such as fractures (cast), amputations, luxations…

Moves pressure to bone-structure instead of muscle and nerve-centre
with wristsupport to prevent drophand

B.R.I.D.G.E completely reduces the strain on the top part of the shoulder and underlying nerves



B.R.I.D.G.E can be used as a versatile sling or as a shoulder locking sling.


Shoulder lock sling


Product description

Clinical Indications

Post fracture care, Tendonitis/Bursitis, Pre/Post operative care, shoulder injuries, instabilities & arthroscopic repair


Fits either shoulder, Adjustable for size, simple adjustment, flexible usage, hygenic


Care-time saving and therefore cost saving, simple handling and usage for patients.

Unique Features

Stress-reducing, the only product that completely removes the pressure from the top of the shoulder and nerve centre in this way, very comfortable and not hot to wear.


Indications list

  • Post fracture care
  • Tendonitis/Bursitis
  • Pre/Post operative care
  • Instabilities & arthroscopic repairRheumatoid arthritis
  • Different fractures treated with plaster,
  • Joint-prostheses
  • Amputations.
  • Passive stretching
  • Emergency injuries
  • Trauma
  • Stroke
  • Long-term pain problems in the shoulder
  • Whiplash-trauma
  • Arm-paralysis



Easy to apply both on and off with one hand


Automatic left or right sided use


Potential and prices

  • Potential users in Sweden each year exceeds 90000
  • (based on Swedish statistics and the assumption that there are similar demographics in rest of Europe)

  • Potential users in Germany is 8 X Sweden > 720 000
  • Potential users in Spain is 4 X Sweden > 360 000
  • Potential users in Italy is 5 X Sweden > 450 000
  • Potential users in France is 6 X Sweden > 540 000
  • Potential users in Great Britain is 6 X Sweden > 540 000
  • Potential users in USA is 27 X Sweden > 2 430 000

Our selling price will be competitive and based on volumes and commitment.


Clinic savings

  • Time saved compared to standard arm sling in the order of 10 - 20 min/patient
  • (Statement from personnel from orthopedic clinic at Lunds University Hospital)

  • Reduced man-hours in post operative care
  • (Statement from personnel from orthopedic clinic at Lunds University Hospital)

  • The savings with our product compared to standard arm sling would be near 50% of the total cost on average.
  • (Calculated from cost of product and care-time needed)



  • Prevents long term shoulder problems
  • Adjustable for size (only two variants needed)
  • Greatly reduces the risk of tension headache and numbness of the arms
  • Full freedom of movement of the neck and arms
  • User friendly
  • Applicable with one hand
  • Great increase in the patients independence
  • Tested on patients at Lunds University Hospital in Sweden with good results

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